Friday, July 25, 2008

no one knows.

no one will ever know.
i hate you.
i hate you when it is pumping through your veins.
you change.
you are a monster.
salt in my wounds.
just the monster and me.
all i want is sleep.
wake up.
this is a battle. with the bottle. and you're losing it.
it's your battle not mine.
don't reach out to me, nor hold on to me for dear life.
towing me down.
you are the wrong type of anchor.
fading away into your disease, and don't you know it.
did i overhear you?

i need it to keep my head upon these shoulders, and keep the beast inside at bay.

you are undertaking in a toxic, poisonous, and fatal distraction.
you will expire.

give it up.
or give it your all.
this isn't the way you were meant to be.
this is not your moment of clarity.

it's hard to breathe when you're choking yourself.
it's hard to see through eyes misleading.

i swear we've been here before.

please. oh please pick up your feet!
you know that i can't carry you anymore.

does it feel familiar to you?
does it make you feel alive?

it's safe to say...

Modified by Vin