Wednesday, June 10, 2009

we were inseparable.

picture yourself in a nightmarish scene of such,
grotesque complexity that you'd kill to be dreaming,
that's where you'll find me.

"something awful has happened here...
this is, this is so much worse than i ever could have imagined.
i knew it all along that this girl should not have been released.
god, what's happened here...
she's completely torn her entire apartment apart.
the smell is overpowering, a fowl pungent odor,
like rotten food or i don't know, possibly something worse,
but there's something else that's almost overpowering..
i think its a woman's perfume, oh
i found the patient she's lying on the floor..
in the center of the living room,
completely naked, emaciated, deathly pale,
it appears she hasn't eaten anything at all for weeks.
the infection has spread up her arms, it must have reached her brain.
there's bulging bright red veins all the way up from her wrist to her neck.
there's empty bottles everywhere, of alcohol and medication.
my god this smell is sickening.
there's blood coming out of her mouth, nose, ears,
she's not dead yet, but she's close.
i failed, this is my fault.
yet somehow.. she's smiling at me, i think she's whispering something,
no, not just whispering, i think she's singing......"

place your ear to my lips.
trace these notes with your fingertips.
they dance alone on my last breath.
this is the end. this is death.

we were inseparable.

Modified by Vin